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Annual Piano Competition

This MEA annual piano competition is designed for the more serious, self-motivated student who is interested in acquiring top-notch performing experience. It is a competition that rewards musicianship and artistry, and celebrates piano-playing at its finest. Each year it carries a new theme with required repertoire tied to age. It is open to students age 7 through 18, although younger students may play at the age 7 level. The required repertoire must be memorized, except for ensemble categories. Please see the Competition Syllabus found on your Member Homepage for complete age and repertoire requirements.

Please check our Calendar for dates and locations. Details are also available on the interactive and mail in versions of the registration forms. (See Forms/Downloads)

Rules and Regulations

  • Students must be residents of New Jersey, currently studying with an MEA member who teaches in New Jersey.
  • Students who have transferred from one MEA member to another must have studied with the new teacher for a minimum of six months prior to entering the competition under the new teacher's name, except by mutual agreement of the two teachers. This does not apply to students who have transferred from non-MEA teachers.
  • Students may enter the category of their age or higher.
  • Students in ensemble categories need not be the same age, nor study with the same teacher. Both teachers, however, must be paid MEA members and the category must be at the level of the older student or higher.
  • Solos and concerti must be played from memory, although in the ensemble categories memorization is not required.
  • No changes in pieces or substitutions are allowed.
  • Students may use any edition; however, no simplified editions, arrangements or photocopies will be accepted, except where indicated by the committee. Printouts of legally downloaded music from bonafide web sources are now acceptable. If there are any questions, please refer to the editions suggested in the Syllabus.
Dress Code
  • Girls: A dress, a formal skirt or dress pants (slacks) with blouse or sweater, and dress shoes. Dresses and skirts should cover the knees when seated. No bracelets, rings or colored nail polish.
  • Boys: A suit or dress pants and dress shirt, sweater or sports coat, and dress shoes. Ties are optional.
No jeans, T-shirts, sneakers or any casual attire.

  • Students must present their music to the judge.
  • Students should not play repeats in the music.
  • Orchestral reductions for concerti may be played by teachers or other students. These performers may use music, however, page-turners are not permitted. Tutti sections for Piano 2 should be shortened in a tasteful and intelligent manner, keeping in mind the needs of the competitor.
  • No pedal extenders are permitted at the competition or recital. However, foot-rests that can be carried by the performer are permitted for the competition.
  • Parents are not allowed in the competition room.
  • No scheduling requests or changes will be permitted.
Awards/Winners' Recital
  • Teachers of the First Place winners will be notified by phone within 24 hours after the competition. Please do not call or email committee members. Judges comments will be mailed the next day.
  • First Place winners are required to perform in the Winners' Recital and will receive engraved plaques. Those who do not perform forfeit their plaques. All other participants receive certificates.
How To Enter
  • To apply and pay online, log in to your Member Homepage. Look in the right hand column under Member Documents for the interactive application form.
  • To apply by mail, go to Forms/Downloads on the main menu.
  • Print out the form and submit by mail with payment. Please enclose only one check per teacher (regardless of how many students you enter). Any application received from a member whose MEA dues have not been paid will be returned.
  • Applications will not be accepted by phone or email.
  • See Annual Piano Competition Application for fees and other details.

For more information contact Co-chairs, Barbara Landi Hause & Anna Katznelson:
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