Music Educators Association of New Jersey

Serving teachers and students since 1927

Message From President, Joan Bujacich
A Celebration of Volunteerism, List of Declarations


Joan Bujacich
We are teachers
We are givers
We are volunteers
We were given to
We are giving back
We want to make a difference
We do make a difference
We love music
Music heals
We are healers
We fix notes
We play with sound
We nurture
We are patient
We are very patient
We endure
We are performers
We are artists
We are independent
We are survivors
We are inventors
We are creative entities
We are part of a living legacy
We are blessed


Many thanks to the MEA Board of Directors that supported me over the last three years and helped bring many new ideas to fruition. These are some of our achievements that make me most happy:

2016 welcomed 25 new members!
It has been a privilege to serve the entire MEA membership as President.

Joan Bujacich


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