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Message from the President - Looking Back & Onward

Nancy Modell

As I finish my second year as President, I am grateful for the honor to be President in this auspicious year of the 90th Anniversary of the MEA-NJ. The last two events were extraordinary!

The 90th Anniversary Concert and Cocktails Gala was stupendous! The Gala team—superbly led by Marcia Maull, Coordinator, and her team, Lisa Gonzalez, Ruth Pasquariello and Charlene Step—outdid themselves! No detail was too small for their creativity and care. The Gala was a true labor of love, and all who attended reaped the benefits of what they prepared. The outstanding Gala concert featured performances by members who donated their marvelous talents to the event: Dan Crisci; Michelle and Christopher Kuo; Beatrice Long; Sojung Lee in Trio Eoulim; and Luba Vasilyeva. They represented the high level of artistry amongst active performers in the MEA, showcasing solo, duet, chamber music, jazz and original composition. Their performances made us proud to be MEA members! At the Gala, we also honored five distinguished MEA members: Ingrid Clarfield, Maxine Giannini, Anita Gordon, Sallie Lloyd and Gloria Weisberg. We are grateful for their contributions to the MEA and to the wider music world. Presenter remarks were warm and heartfelt, and there were many memorable moments.

Our April General Meeting featured the final 90th Anniversary event: Celebrate Composers! Karen Dann Sundquist, Coordinator, added a personal touch by initially contacting each composer individually. This helped her set the program for what was a joyous and touching program of original music by MEA members. Please read the April Highlights article on the website to learn more about it.

The ongoing spring student programs, Student Recitals, the Annual Competition and the Original Composition Festival rounded out a truly lovely year. There were many proud teachers, parents and students at each program. Now... on to the Annual Auditions!

The world has changed in many ways over the past 90 years, but music educators continue to be a force for good—opening the minds and hearts of children to the beauty of music and giving them the tools for music making. The MEA has been a haven for music teachers since its inception, and the MEA continues to welcome music lovers. We look forward to welcoming new members in the coming years.

All this doesn’t happen on its own. The dedicated Directors on the Board give their time and energy to make the magic happen through their respective committees. Please volunteer and help the magic happen! No magic wands required—only YOU!

Wishing you a music-filled summer!
Musically yours,
Nancy Modell, President


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