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Message from the President - Join us!

Nancy Modell

Do you sometimes feel professionally lonely, as I do? We tend to be isolated in the work we do, teaching students (generally one-on-one), rarely interacting with other professional musicians during our day to day. Our monthly General Meetings are a great remedy, where we can meet and share thoughts with likeminded musicians. I strongly encourage you to make the effort to become a “regular”. In the spirit of making our MEA-NJ General Meetings more welcoming and cordial, members are encouraged to find one person they don’t yet know and introduce himself/herself at the reception after the presentation. This may not seem like a big deal, but there is a friendlier atmosphere at our meetings as a result of our members reaching out to each other! The presenters are dynamite, and the camaraderie is wonderful! Join us!

Our newest outreach effort is the formation of a Collegiate Active membership option open to college students across New Jersey. A copy of a current Student ID is all that is required to enjoy the reduced rate. Imagine the added vibrancy of the MEA with college members. Spread the word and encourage college students to join us!

In the spirit of true creativity, the Composers’ Corner marked its second gathering at the home of Dan Crisci. This group is chock-full of the most amazing members whose original compositions span a wide array of styles. The supportive atmosphere allows for open discussions and sharing in a safe environment. If you compose and haven’t yet attended a Composers’ Corner meeting, plan on it for next fall. Join us!

One of the highlights of the year, especially for me, is the Original Composition Festival — a delightful afternoon of world premières by students from around the state. If you want to be amazed and moved by our students’ original compositions, don’t miss this remarkable event that just completed its fifth year! Mark your calendars for next year. Join us!

There isn’t enough room to list all the fantastic monthly events for teachers and students that MEA-NJ sponsors throughout the year. Fortunately, all this information can be found on MEA’s edifying website. All of these events are made possible through the efforts of the MEA-NJ Board of Directors, a dedicated and productive group of people who give their all and get results. For the past three years, it has been my honor to serve as President of this esteemed association. I’ve learned a lot about people and about myself during my term and have expanded my own horizons. It has been an opportunity for self-growth. I am grateful for this chance to lead the MEA and I look forward to supporting the next President.

Don’t stand on the sidelines ~ get involved with the MEA-NJ. Join us!

Musically yours,
Nancy Modell
MEA-NJ President


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