Music Educators Association of New Jersey

Serving teachers and students since 1927

October 2017


The Steinway Piano Gallery in Paramus was the perfect venue for the first celebratory meeting of the MEA’s 90th year. The performance space is elegant and intimate. The program for October 19, 2017 was a two piano and duet recital performed by MEA members. The chosen Steinway pianos, models M and B, were perfectly matched; their sonorities blended beautifully. The piano performances were memorable.

Before the program, the attendees enjoyed a breakfast buffet provided by the Steinway Gallery’s cordial director, Mr. John Weis. Then we assembled in the wood and glass performance space. After thanking Mr. Weis, a longtime MEA associate, President Nancy Modell praised Celebrate Ensembles! Chairman Barbara Landi Hause for arranging the concert and meeting, recognized Charlene Step for designing and printing the attractive programs, and thanked Hospitality Chairman Karen Dunn Sundquist for planning the luncheon. She then asked MEA officers, committee chairs, and committee members to stand and be recognized. The audience was primed for a spectacular recital of two piano and duet music.

The programming itself was interesting; the pieces exploited the full potential of the two beautiful instruments. The sequence of selections was very tasteful, alternating bravura pianism (loads and loads of glissandos!) with more intimate cantabile pieces. Some were familiar, and others less so, but each held our interest. The party mood was expressed by the many dances: Spanish, Slavonic, waltz, tango, even Danse Macabre! Kudos to each of the wonderful pianists who just happen to be valued MEA members!

After the formal concert, it was time for a “monster” piano ensemble; duet teams playing ten pianos filled the impressive showroom with rich Steinway sounds. A sandwich and dessert luncheon followed. It was an unforgettable celebration.

Bertha Mandel, Writer
Nancy Modell and Lisa Gonzalez, Photographers
Joan Bujacich, Layout