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Honors Recital

The purpose of the Honors Recital is to provide incentive and recognition to talented, motivated students who can prepare for auditions superbly and are confident enough to perform their pieces in public in a formal setting. A less rigorous challenge than the spring Piano Competition, the Honors Recital allows students/teachers to choose the repertoire they wish to present. Students enter in one of three categories: I through age 10 (Intermediate C level); II - ages 11-14 (Pre-Senior B level); III - ages 15-18 (Senior B level). The level guidelines follow those of the spring MEA Annual Auditions.

Dates and locations of the auditions and recitals can be found on the MEA CALENDAR and on the Honors Recital Application Form.

Before completing the Application Form, please read the complete Honors Recital Guidelines and Regulations below.


Students enter in one of the three categories listed below. Age ranges, time limits, and minimum difficulty levels are indicated for each category. The levels follow those of the spring non-competitive MEA Annual Auditions, but the Honors Recital auditions are completely separate.

  Category Age Total Performance Time Level
Solo Category I Thru Age 10 7 minutes or less Intermediate C of the MEA Auditions Syllabus
Solo Category II Ages 11 – 14 10 minutes or less
6 minute time limit for one piece
Pre-Senior B of the MEA Audition Syllabus
Solo Category III Ages 15 – 18 12 minutes or less
6 minute time limit for one piece
Senior B of the MEA Audition Syllabus
Ensemble All categories All ages 6 minutes or less  



Honors Recital Application


T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and other casual attire are not permitted. Acceptable dress includes:

Girls: A dress, a formal skirt or dress pants (slacks) with blouse or sweater, and dress shoes. Dresses and skirts should cover the knees when seated. No bracelets, rings or colored nail polish.

Boys: A suit or dress pants and dress shirt, sweater or sports coat, and dress shoes. Ties are optional.


It is the responsibility of the teachers to convey the following information to their students.

If you have any additional questions, please contact:
Charlene Step
Honors Recital Chair

Honors Recital Committee
Christina Hanson
Helen Krotoff
Sallie Lloyd
Ruth Pasquariello