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MEA Programs 2022 - 2023 Season

The Music Educators Association of NJ is proud to present the following world-class musicians and pedagogues at our monthly General Meetings. Music lovers, MEA members and their guests are cordially invited to attend these meetings and stay to enjoy the programs.

October 20, 2022
Magdalena Baczewska - A Progressive Journey Through Bach's Pedagogy
Pianist, harpsichordist, and educator Magdalena Baczewska will share her Tonebase lecture highlights. Discussing the progression of Bach's repertoire and the documents the composer left behind, Baczewska seeks to recreate Bach's own pedagogical style.
Magdalena Baczewska Website

November 17, 2022
Daniel Epstein - A Different Approach To Memorizing At The Keyboard
Thou who wouldst in terror tremble Digits a-quiver, brow a-drip, Bowel which jell-o doth resemble, From the dreaded MEMORY SLIP…
This bank approach with strong resolve. Thy fears discard; thy crutch ignore. Harmonic analysis will not solve What my ELIXIR shall restore!
Tarry not, but venture close. No further agonies to endure. The price is cheap; with but one dose, Shall ye begin to feel the cure.
So pianists all, tho mem'ry blighted, Buy my Oil; forget no more -- Hand and brain for e'er united In simple knowing of the score.
Daniel Epstein Manhattan School Website

January 19, 2023
Danette Whelan - From Heart To Hands: How Mindfulness Can Revitalize Your Teaching
Music and mindfulness are a powerful combination that inspires easeful and joyous music-making. In this interactive session, three certified meditation instructors will share mindfulness techniques for every music lesson, including breathing, self-kindness, and improvisation exercises.
Danette Whelan Website

February 16, 2023
Jed Distler - Twenty Questions for Jed Distler
Jed Distler has garnered acclaim for more than four decades for his multi-faceted musical life as composer, pianist, CD reviewer and radio host. Mr. Distler’s talk will be presented in an unusual and non-linear format. Audience members are invited to submit questions in advance. Mr. Distler will pick questions one at a time during the meeting, and offer three minute responses to each submission. The process promises to yield stimulating, spontaneous and provocative results.
Jed Distler Website

March 16, 2023
Jerome Rose - Teachers’ Master Class
Jerome Rose Website

April 20, 2023
Carol Ann Aicher - Motivation; What Motivates Students To Practice? How To Unlock Their Intrinsic Motivation
Dr. Aicher will examine various motivational solutions, and help teachers understand how to engage what is innate in all students.
Carol Ann Aicher Manhattan School Website

May 18, 2023
Ingrid Clarfield - Motivation: Creative Way to Encourage Proper Preparation and Productive Practice Techniques that Lead to a Polished Performance
This workshop will help teachers develop motivational strategies for students of all ages and levels. Philosophical and pedagogical approaches will be presented that are effective as well as fun! Student learning styles and the pros and cons of parental involvement will also be covered. Professor Clarfield will discuss ways to keep students motivated by designing goal-oriented varied practice assignments and provide useful memory strategies to avoid those dreaded “memory slips.” This session will include music from Early Intermediate through Advanced.
Ingrid Clarfield Website

June 8, 2023
Aaron Wunsch - Young Artist Master Class
Aaron Wunsch Website