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The Music Educators Association of NJ is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of private piano teachers founded in 1927. Our mission is to raise the standards of private music teaching throughout New Jersey, while encouraging musical excellence and instilling a love of music in our students. To achieve these goals, we provide continuing education opportunities for our member teachers through monthly lectures, workshops, recitals and master classes. For our students, we offer auditions, competitions, recitals, scholarships and master classes given by artist teachers. Our current President is Yudit Terry, 2019-2021. Click here to read Messages from the President. (These can also be found under Membership on the main menu.)

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The Randolph Performing Arts Center resounded with glorious music at the MEA Honors Recitals presented November 10, 2019. Be sure to check out the highlights Here.
Charlene Step
Chair, Honors Recital Committee

Where Every Meeting Is An Event!
JANUARY 16, 2020
Kathleen Supove
Contemporary Experimental Piano: Accessibility for All

Ms.  Supove will  be demonstrating excerpts from recent piano music that use  the following experimental elements:

Mallets for improvisation inside the piano, metal chopsticks, elbow to make a string continue to vibrate like an electric guitar, and graphic scores. She also but will ask the audience to offer other elements and she will try to perform using them.

Some of the works she will explore include:

A Face In The Crowd---program music about a single bird caught up in a mass migration and touchdown in a roosting place (part of a project I did about a real bird migration in Portland Oregon. Metal Works---uses the metal chopsticks.

Suspensions for Miyo Sensors and Piano, Red Hot Polka--where I do all sorts of crazy movement, including pushups at the piano.

Douglass Etudes ---for speaking pianist, using a text of Frederick Douglass; very fast blues with tricky rhythmic coordination.

Moving On---a piece where the pianist makes decisions about how the piece will be structured. 

November 21, 2019
Donald Isler
Great and under-appreciated pianists of the 20th Century: Adrian Aeschbacher, Constance Keene and Bruce Hungerford

A very special lecture/performance is in store for us on November 21st,  try not to miss this one!  Mr. Isler shared a detailed description of what he will be talking about at this meeting, it is truly fascinating!

Mr. Isler will speak about Constance Keene and Bruce Hungerford as teachers as well as performers. The third person he will speak about is is the Swiss pianist Adrian Aeschbacher (1912-2002), a Schnabel student, who had quite a busy concert career in his young and middle years.  He made a lot of records, but never performed in this country. Mr. Isler considers him to be a fantastic Schumann player. Aeschbacher actually lived in Mr. Isler’s  grandparents' home in Berlin for a while when he first went there in 1932 to study with Schnabel.  At that time his father to be was a ten year old student of Aeschbacher.

Here is Mr. Isler’s  account of what recordings we can expect to hear:

“I have released recordings of all three of these pianists on my KASP Records label, and will play examples. The two KASP Aeschbacher CD's are from his 1950's era records on Deutsche Grammophon, and other labels (for which I obtained the rights). They have music of Schumann, Schubert and Beethoven. The Keene CD is a live, never before released recital she played in Houston in 1995. It includes the Rachmaninoff Corelli Variations, a MacDowell sonata and some short pieces by him as well as some short pieces of her husband, Abram Chasins, and (perhaps most important) her only recording of the Chopin Ballades. She also makes some comments to the audience. 

 There are three Hungerford recordings on the KASP label. The first two are never before released live recitals which are long enough to require two CD's each. The first is a five sonata, all-Beethoven recital which he played in Germany in 1965 . For me it is one of the all-time great recorded Beethoven recitals. The second Hungerford project is his last recital, given in Calgary a month and a half before he died in a 1977 auto accident. It has music of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. 

 The third Hungerford project is something I was hoping to find for over 20 years until someone posted a bit of it on Facebook two years ago. It's a DVD, a live, made for TV concert from East Germany in 1964 in which he plays the Beethoven Fourth Piano Concerto. I'm planning to play the first movement. This is the only known video of his playing and having been able to produce this DVD is one of the projects I'm proudest of. “

 Hope to see you there, this is going to be quite exciting!

If you would like to learn more about Don Isler, visit his website Here .


The 2019-20 Membership Directory has been uploaded to your Member Homepage. Log on and take a look.  Membership Chiar, Lisa Gonzaleaz, did a great job. Thank you Lisa!  It is listed under Downloadable Documents on your Member Homepage. You can view or Download. 

Featuring Jerome Lowenthal 
And Our Annual Potluck Luncheon

Highlights now posted!

Rebecca Eng and Naomi Takagi, our Hospitality Co-chairs, organized a wonderful Pot Luck Luncheon! The meeting was a great success.  Jerome Lowenthal — concert pianist, chamber musician, and longtime revered Juilliard faculty member — presented a fascinating talk on the Neo-Classical Synthesis of Scriabin’s Sonata No. 6. Known as the “cursed” sonata, it is described as intense, dark, desolate, haunting, otherworldly and dark velvet all over. Mr. Lowenthal uncovered its secrets and shed a new light  on this mystical masterpiece.  Be sure to read the wonderful Highlights written by Beverly Shea!



Hello Everyone,
As we begin a new academic year The Glissando is beginning a new chapter as well.  The Fall 2019 issue is the first to be made available exclusively online.  It is in 100% color, endlessly downloadable & printable, and, as a PDF, has live links which can be clicked on for immediate, easy access to information and events.  To read the latest issue, visit the MEA website and sign in to your member portal.  Once you’ve signed in, The Glissando is located in the Downloadable Documents list (where you’d find the Annual Auditions Syllabus, the ESOCC Booklet, the APC Syllabus, the Theory Program Syllabus, etc.).  It is near the bottom, as all items are listed alphabetically; just click on it and it will open.   The 32nd Note will still be delivered via email, as it is a smaller file compared to  The Glissando.  
Thanks and here’s to a great year!
Salvatore and Katherine Mallimo
Editors-in-Chief, The Glissando


2019-2020 Welcomes New Executive Officers!

The MEA extends a very warm welcome to new President, Yudit Terry. In addition to Yudit, we have Marcia Maull replacing Beverly Shea as 2nd Vice President and Rebecca Eng and Linda Petrocchi replacing Yuly Verbitsky and Lisa Cassia as Co-Recording Secretaries. Salvatore Mallimo, Lynne Rogerson, Bertha Mandel and Clarisse Kant continue uninterrupted in their Executive Board positions and Nancy Modell now serves as Immediate Past President, replacing Joan Bujacich. With this great line-up, we continue to be in valued hands! You can see a full listing of our Board Members and Committee Chairs HERE.


2019 MEA College Scholarship Awarded

Kelsey Lee, an eight-year student of Beatrice Long, was awarded the MEA-MJN College Scholarship for 2019. She will be studying piano performance at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.  She was a first-place winner in the MEA 2019 Annual Piano Competition, 2nd-place winner in 2017 and performed in the 2016 Young Artist Master Class.  She served as the piano accompanist for the Summit High School Concert Choir and Treble Choir from 2015, among other notable activities. Principal oboist for the Summit HS Wind Ensemble, Kelsey performed with the NJ All State Wind Ensemble and the NJ Youth Symphony Orchestra. She was also a 2019 National Merit Scholar.
Kelsey was awarded an MEA Camp Scholarship in 2018 and attended the two-week Interharmony International Music Festival in Germany. Read her write-up of this inspirational experience Here

The MEA-MJN (Mary Jean Nelson) Scholarship Fund relies solely on the generosity of our donors, matching contributions from employers, and music sales at the monthly MEA general meetings. MEA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible. Making a contribution to the scholarship fund is a wonderful way to support aspiring musicians and perpetuate the beauty inherent in the arts. With your donation, you can also honor a person with congratulations (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.), get-well wishes, or in memoriam. Please help us continue our scholarship efforts!

 The MEA Scholarship Committee:  Sondra Tammam and Charlene Step, Co-chairs and
Sal Mallimo

 For more information on the scholarship program click Here.



 View the 2019 student compositions in a beautiful  booklet  which is available for current members to view/download.  Simply login to your  Member Homepage and look in the right-hand column under downloadable documents. Chair Kathy Knittel and  Christina Hansen did a great job putting this together!

To learn more about the Eric Steiner Original Composition Competition click Here.


All the Highlights for last season’s programs and events can be found under For Members/Highlights from our main menu.  Many thanks to all the writers, layout designers and photographers for bringing these great articles to our membership: Sophia Agranovich, Joan Bujacich, Lisa Gonzalez, Bertha Mandel, Nancy Modell, Beverly Shea and Charlene Step! If you are a great writer, photographer and/or good with graphic design using a program like Pages or Word and would like to find out how you can contribute, contact Joan Bujacich at

September 20, 2018: Homage to Bach
The Competition Committee performed  the repertoire from the 2019 Annual Piano Competition Syllabus (Highlights for this event are listed under the March.) 

October 18, 2018: Ingrid Clarfield
Keeping the Spark Alive and Still Learning After 50 Years: Pedagogical Tips from A to Z

November 15, 2018: Juliana Osinchuk
Leonard Bernstein – the American Renaissance Man. Celebrating the Great Musician’s 100th Birthday

January 17, 2019: Jed Distler
The Golden Age of Pianism on Record

February 21, 2019: Aaron Wunsch
Debussy and Visual Arts

March 21, 2019: Joseph Kalichstein
Teachers Master Class

April 18, 2019: Jeffrey Biegel
Modern Embellishments in Bach and Mozart

May 16, 2019: Adam Kent
Portraits of Barcelona — works by Catalan composers Federico Mompou and Manuel Blancafort

June 13, 2019: Douglas Humpherys
Young Artist Master Class

2020 Annual Piano Competition
“50th Anniversary: The Best of Yesteryear"
If you haven’t explored the syllabus for this celebratory year it is still not too late to get your students started. Click Here for the APC 2020 Syllabus. And of course as is customary, the APC Committee will present all the music at the September meeting, check the calendar for details.

JUNE 13, 2019
WOW, what a wonderful class!

In spite of the rainy morning, the sun was shining at the Wharton Institute! 




Beethoven Sonata Opus 31, No. 2 : First Movement
Sunny Yu: Teacher, Ana Berchadsky

Un Sospiro, Etude No. 3, S. 144  by Liszt
Alyssa Zylberger:  Teacher, Sophia Agranovich

Nocturne Opus 38, No. 4 by Lowell Leibermann
Jasmine Meyer: Teacher, Julia Lam

Re: The YA Master Class Auditions were held on  June 1 at The County College of Morris. The judges were very impressed with all the candidates. Congratulations to the winners and their teachers. Joan Bujacich, Coordinator


Congratulations to the winners of the
2019 Eric Steiner Original Composition Competition!

Elementary Division
1st place - Bunny Hop by Emi Simonds, student of Sondra Tammam 
2nd place - Weekday Mornings by Vinayak Sinha, student of Lisa Casia

Junior Division
1st place - Impromptu by Joshua Li, student of Marcia Maull
2nd place - Rhapsody in Sleep by Tarun Kalyanaraman, student of Kay Tsuji
3rd place - Seasons by Karan Kalyanaraman, student of Kay Tsuji
Honorable Mention - La Mariposa by Miranda Drace, student of Ruth Pasquariello
Honorable Mention - Island of Aphrodite by Sophia Georgiades, student of Joan Bujacich
Honorable Mention - The Platypus Cakewalk by Charles Love, student of Nancy Modell

Senior Division
1st place- Dance of the Faeries by Kedhar Narayan, student of Eric Olsen
2nd place - Ballade No. 3 in C Minor by Cole Griscom, student of Susan Leiser
3rd place - A Tree in Blossoms by Yutong Lin, student of Kay Tsuji
Honorable Mention - The Illusionist by Shuchi Patel, student of Kay Tsuji
Honorable Mention - Walking in the Storm by Anyah Kumar, student of Boeun Kim
Honorable Mention - Journey to Prospect Mountain by Jacklyn Zhu, student of Danette Whelan
Honorable Mention - Gurney Street, Cape May by Rhea Kapur, student of Danette Whelan
Honorable Mention - Fantasia Espanola by Kailyn Williams, student of Danette Whelan
Honorable Mention - Sulle Acque del Como by Olivia Escousse, student of Danette Whelan

Visit the webpage to learn more about this annual event HERE.

Original Composition Festival
Caldwell University
May 5th  -  2 P.M.
Big Success!

The  Original Composition Festival was held at Caldwell University on May 5th  at 2 p.m. This year's festival had the largest audience to date, it was quite inspiring! There were 26 original compositions performed this year. Many students who competed in the Eric Steiner Original Composition Competition also  performed and were awarded their trophies and certificates.  Five of the student compositions were for violin and piano and one was an electronic music performance piece! This was  a very exciting program with a lot of talented students performing.  Our esteemed judges were most impressed with the level of the compositions and the quality of the writing! Chair, Kathy Knittel, did a wonderful job organizing both the Eric Steiner Original Composition Competition and the Original Composition Festival.  Committee members Joan Bujacich, Lisa Gonzalez and Nancy Modell also were there to help in various capcaities, all making a great day of music! 

49th Annual Piano Competition Highlights
To view the Highlights in full click Here.

Congratulations to all the students and teachers who participated in this year’s piano competition, “Homage to Bach”.  The level of playing was of the highest standard, and the concert on March 17th in the Leshowitz Recital Hall at Montclair State University was a great success. 

The teachers of the first, second and third place winners are:  Hyunjin Cho, Gloria Chu, Shinwen Chung, Rebecca Eng, David Iskowitz,  Anna Katznelson, Mansoon Kim, Ruth Kotik, Julia Lam, Yuhui Chloris Li, Florence Liu, Beatrice Long, Aziza Khasanova Madaski,  Marcia Maull, Eric Olson, Daniel Parente, Thomas Parente, Gena Raps, Youson Soheil, Stella Xu, Yuka Yanagi and Grace Yang.

Special thanks to the APC committee for all their hard work all year long: Barbara Landi Hause and Anna Katznelson -Co-Chairs, Ana Berschadsky, Rebecca Eng, Vicky Griswold, Florence Liu, Beatrice Long, Kai Pangune Kim, Youn-Hee Bang Kim, Ruth Kotik, Michelle Kuo, and Yuka Yanagi.

We are very grateful to the County College of Morris for hosting the competition in their beautiful Music Technology building, and to Montclair State University for the use of the lovely Leshowitz Recital Hall.

Special Note:  Be on the lookout for the new syllabus, to be posted on the MEA website by June 1.  The year 2020 marks the 50th year of the APC, and the theme will be “50th Anniversary: Best of Yesteryear”.   Tell your students to look forward to playing some of the greatest hits from the past 50 years! 


The Audition Committee is happy to share some exciting changes that were made to the syllabus. Be sure to go to your Member Homepage to view or download the revised syllabus. We have been listening to your concerns!

• Student arrangements are now an acceptable option for required repertoire.
An original composition or a student arrangement may be performed as one of the required pieces providing it is comparable to the level of difficulty for that particular grade and category and is notated. Note: As of 2017 this applied only to Original Compositions.

  • The requirement limiting repertoire to only one piece from a given method book has been removed. This applies to the Introductory through Junior B categories.

  • A NEW LEVEL HAS BEEN ADDED! A Pre-Senior D has been added to the previous three  Pre-Senior levels. This level will help smooth the transition to the Senior level. It has only three categories and requires only one piece by memory. The pieces required are more difficult than on the Intermediate level but students will be able to progress to the next level without having to prepare a fourth piece and additional memorization.

  • Please remember that pop and jazz pieces have always been an option for the choice selection. It seems that many teacher are unaware of this, so we wrote it out more clearly where applicable. The choice selection can be a comparable piece from any period including pop, jazz, and notated originals and arrangements. Applies to Junior A through YA.

    If you have not renewed your membership, you will not be able to access your Member Homepage and download the Syllabus, so it may be a good time to do so now. If you have renewed and cannot access your  Member Homepage, contact Joan Bujacich: auditions@mea-